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Maise (@maisefitlife) is a Chemical Engineer and works in the oil and gas field. Although nowdays lots of girls work in this field there are still misconceptions about female roles. For this reason she decided to "stand up" and started to talk about her job, her career and the plenty of opportunities this field offers to everyone who proves to deserve it.

Which is your educational formation?

" I am a Chemical Engineer. I graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada."
What is your job about?
"I work for Schlumberger, an oil and gas service company. We provide technology to our customers and enable them to understand their oil and gas activities better. We also provide perforating products to help users enhance their performances.

Have you always thought that you would have worked in this field? 
" No! Never. I had no idea that I would ever work in the oilfield because I did not grow up with this industry. It happened by luck!"

Have you found obstacles in your career?
"Not really. Everyone that I have met or worked with in this industry has been really welcoming and respectful. I think hard work shows that no matter your gender you can do great.
I sometimes had to  work a little bit harder to show and prove that I am just as good as anyone else but that is also common for males joining the industry."

How did the idea of the podcast come out? Can you tell us about this experience? Which are your goals?
 Jamie (@jmeelrod) and I decided to start FLIPPING THE BARREL PODCAST because we felt like no one was talking about what life was like working in the oilfield as women.

A lot of people have misconceptions about the industry and our roles as females and no one was addressing that.
I met a lot of young girls who did not think they were good enough (smart enough) to be engineers or who didn’t think they can have a career in the oil and gas. For this reason I wanted to have a platform where I can answer questions and interview top women leaders in the industry to show the younger generation that it is possible and it is also a great career for them!

What would you advice to young people who want to work in your field? 

 "It is really challenging but worth every sacrifice because it is a very rewarding career. I love the energy behind the people in oil and gas and the culture.
You can travel around the world and your career is limitless here! I think everyone should try it because so far I’ve had an amazing time and career. If you’re a girl and you’re worried about coming, please don’t! I promise it is a welcoming family!"

 Sofia Di Filippo



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