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Katrina Krispin has dreamed about flying in the sky since she was a child. She believed in the strength of  her dreams, she went against all kind of stereotypes and became what she wanted to be. She is a beautiful example of woman who has always believed in herself and in her capabilities ,who fought for equality, for what she wanted and what she deserved. Moreover, she proved that it is possible to be more than one thing, there are no limits to our ambitions: she is a pilot but also a neonatal nurse and a mom of 5!!! Which is your educational formation? What is your job about? “I have a Honours Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree and I also have several specialties in nursing such as neonatal intensive care, lactation consultant and infant psychology. I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada ,where I also obtained my university education from York University. I currently work in Eilat, Israel, as a neonatal registered nurse and lactation consultant in the  neonatal ward a